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Lava Group : Furniture Designer Builders

FORMED IN 1995, the Lava Group is a collaboration of some of the most creative designer builders in BC.  As a group, we take on all the tasks of a gallery: we promote, attract sponsors, create displays, and choose our own locations.  In the past, Public Galleries have been an ideal setting for our shows as they are more readily accessible to the public.

The Lava Group theme is individually designed and built contemporary furniture.  We build with wood, metal, glass and salvaged materials.  Due to the diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and influences that inspire each of our members, styles are unique and varied, and these shows allow us to experiment with new furniture designs and functional art in a public forum.  Each member builds his own work and rarely sees another’s until the show; unlike a juried exhibit, we rely on each individual’s reputation and trust.

The LAVA members are:

Tony Grove
John Bird
Doug Lane
Arnt Arntzen
Marcus Sabathil
George Derkacz     
Brian Genn                               
Rudy Zator
Detlev Ahrendt
Steve Webber
Frank Polnau
Peter Pierobon
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