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Dorothy Restoration and Returns to the Water VIII
Well, after over10 years on my property and shop I have a few more grayer hairs, and Dorothy has left and is well on her way to being the beautiful boat on the water she is meant to be. The time had come for her to move from my shop after I had done the hull repairs. There was a new group of people ready and willing to take her on at the Ladysmith Maritime Society; to finish her exterior, interior, and rig her for sailing. This new enthusiastic group of volunteers lead by Robert Lawson in Ladysmith BC, are a group that had and continue to have the enthusiasm needed to finish her.

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyDorothy in my shop ready for caulking

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyNew caulking for Dorothy from stem to stern

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyThe last few days of Dorothy in my shop

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyBacking into Dorothys new home in Ladysmith

The Maritime Museum of B.C., the boat’s owner and custodian have had her since 1995 after celebrating her 100th anniversary in 1997. With no place to store her or any maintenance plan, the boat was put into dry storage and nearly forgotten for over ten years. She was moved to my shop on Gabriola in 2011 to assess the extent of her repairs needed, and it was decided for me to proceed. At the time, the MMBC Board debated making her into a static display, but a ‘Friends of Dorothy’ group kept the vision alive, seeing the significance of Dorothy as a working and sailing vessel. After the boat’s structural repairs were completed in 2023, the Museum brokered an agreement with the Ladysmith Maritime Society to undertake the remaining work.

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyDorothy in Ladysmith's shop

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyThe awesome crew who works on Dorothy at LMS

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyMe and Robert Lawson

The Dorothy: A Langley Family Legacy

Four generations of the Langley family attended the re-launch with family members. The original owner of the Dorothy, W.H. Langley, had the sailboat from her launch in 1897 until 1944. Judith Branion had never set foot on the boat her grandfather had built.

Along with Langley’s great granddaughter, great-great-granddaughter, and a great-great-great grandson, Judith Branion got her chance to finally sit in the cockpit. She commented about seeing the boat in her restored state for the first time, “She was so regal, I almost expected her to wave like the Queen as she went by!” The family also donated a winner’s cup from 1899, older than any the Museum had in their collection up to that point.

Dorothy will be a floating exhibit in the care of the Ladysmith Community Marina until the BC Maritime Museum finds dock space for the boat in Victoria, B.C. The Board’s priority is finding a home for the Maritime Museum, but the arrangement with LMS will allow the boat to be accessed by the public and shown at classic boat shows.
Information about the plan and funding for the Dorothy’s future can be accessed at:

Dorothy: Back in the shop - Top view

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyA fine gathering for Dots official relaunching

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyCeremonial breaking the Champaign bottle after her blessing

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyBack in the Water

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyThe Langley family

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyJamie Webb presenting a plaque for work done

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyMoving her around

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyAngus Mathews and Robert Lawson working out the new rig and sails

Tony Grove: Restoring DorothyA beautiful sight of Dorothy Sailing again


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